MDS is a company which design & build turnkey military projects for all following purposes including on the cutting edge of the technological equipment;

• Training facilities and barracks,
• Indoor and outdoor shooting range for live and laser firing,
• Urban Training Centers,
• Heavy duty armored vehicle shooting ranges,
• Arms and ammunition testing shooting ranges,
• Mobile and Container shooting ranges,
• Military Hospitals,
• Maintenance Hangars,
• NATO standardized mobile barracks manufacturing,

The company’s head office is in Istanbul and also have an international branch in Doha/Qatar.

MDS performs the management, training, after sale and maintenance services to its customers to enable the facilities to work properly. The company has been always looking for new suppliers as a partner who may advise the state of the art technological and mechanical systems, training simulators and equipment in order to match Military requirements.

MDS has ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Certificate.