Our Solutions

MDS is a military systems integrator company offering a diverse array of solutions including design & build turnkey type military projects globally. Our comprehensive suite of solutions revolves around the forefront of cutting-edge technological equipment;

  • Establishment of training facilities and barracks,
  • Comprehensive indoor and outdoor shooting ranges tailored for both live and laser weaponry,
  • Urban Training Centers meticulously crafted for close-quarter combat and rescue mission exercise training,
  • Military Training Simulations including flight simulators, HUET, Interactive Scenario training and rescue training, etc.)
  • Dedicated facilities for arms and ammunition testing tables and shooting ranges,
  • Simulated bomb training environments,
  • Radar systems,
  • Robust IT and network infrastructure and tiered data centers (Tier II, III, IV),
  • Maintenance hangars,
  • Manufacturing of NATO standardized mobile barracks, (LSA Life Support Area)

Situated in Ankara MDS Corporate headquarters serves as our central hub complemented by an overseas branch in Doha/Qatar.

MDS proudly delivers a holistic experience to our clients offering management, training, post-sale support, and maintenance services. MDS is committed to ensuring that we consistently align with and exceed the evolving demands and look for opportunities for new partnerships to broaden the state-of-the-art technological and mechanical systems, training simulators, and equipment solutions in order to match all military requirements.


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