Within the scope of the Doha International Maritime Defense Exhibition and Conference (DIMDEX 2018) held in Qatar, MDS Defense Technologies and Construction Inc. has signed a contract with the Qatar Armed Forces for the “BUROQ Special Marine Operations” Training Center to be established in the Zekreet Zone.

The commander of the Joint Special Forces, Maj. Gen. Hamad bin Abdullah al-Fetais al-Marri, MDS Chairman İlyas Ayvacı and Board Member İzzet Özgümüş signed the agreement in question.

The training needs of the 200 military personnel will be met seamlessly and completely at the Naval Special Forces Training Center, which aims to train elite units such as SAS (Underwater Defense) and SAT (Underwater Offence).

The center, which will be set up on approximately 130 acres of land, will house various buildings and equipment such as an administration building, a 50-meter indoor shooting range and simulation center, a multipurpose training center and a parachute training area, a training area for urbanized terrain, a bomb training area, a cargo ship prepared for anti-terror and fire training, a pentathlon training area, a port for zodiac boats, a 200-person sleeping quarters for soldiers, a 50-person sleeping quarters for officers, a dining hall, and weapons and ammunition warehouses.

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